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Bury Municipal Library


819 560-8416, poste 2820
569, rue Main Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
Monday : 14 h 00 to 16 h 00
Wednesday : 18 h 00 to 20 h 00
Saturday : 10 h 00 to 12 h 00
To check a book’s availability at the library click here, you will be redirected to the Reseau BIBLIO Estrie website where you will be able to consult the catalogs. Remember to change the library option from “ALL” to “Bury”.

Primary School

Pope Memorial School

819 872-3771
523, rue Stokes Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0

Parchemin Scholl

Coté Couvent
Téléphone : 819 832-2477
162, rue Saint-Jean Est East Angus (Québec) J0B 1R0

Parchemin Scholl

Côté Collège
819 832-2484
96, rue Saint-Jacques East Angus (Québec) J0B 1R0

Saint-Paul School

819 832-1114
67, rue de Ditton
Scotstown (Québec) J0B 3B0

High school

Cité École Louis-Saint-Laurent

(819) 832-2471
188, rue Kennedy Case postale 459
East Angus (Québec) J0B 1R0

Alexander Galt Regional High School

(819) 563-0770
1700 College, Sherbrooke QC J1M 1Z9

Centres de Formation Professionnelle

Centre de Formation Professionnelle du HSF

Téléphone : 819 832-3637, poste 1100
188, rue Kennedy East Angus (Québec) J0B 1R0

Centre de Formation professionnelle 24 juin

819 822-5420
639, rue du 24-Juin Sherbrooke (Québec) J1E 1H1

Centre de Formation professionnelle LVTC

(819) 563-5627
1700, rue College Sherbrooke, Québec J1M 0C8

Cegep & University

In the Sherbrooke area, we have several higher education institutions, both French and English.

School Board

Hauts-Cantons Board

Eastern Townships

Commission scolaire Eastern Townships

Eaton Valley Community Learning Center

819 570-7255
523, rue Stokes Bury (Québec) J0B 1J0
Internet cafe, health oriented information sessions with video-conferencing, computer sessions, « Life Long Learning » book collection and other health oriented learning sessions. Lise Dougherty, coordinator